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Q.  How much do your products cost and in what sizes are they available?


Size Price
A5 Card (148mm x 210mm) (6in x 8in) £2.49
A4 Card (210mm x 297mm) (8in x 12in) £4.99
A2 Wrapping Paper:
Single sheets 580mm x 420mm. Folded to A4
A1 Wrapping Paper:
Single sheets 580mm x 840mm. Folded to A4
0.5M Roll Of Wrapping Paper
840mm x 580mm. Supplied in a Tube
1M Roll Of Wrapping Paper
840mm x 1000mm. Supplied in a Tube
3M Roll Of Wrapping Paper
840mm x 3000mm. Supplied in a Tube
5M Roll Of Wrapping Paper
840mm x 5000mm. Supplied in a Tube
7M Roll Of Wrapping Paper
840mm x 1000mm. Supplied in a Tube
Small Banner (1067mm x 280mm) (42in x 11in) £9.99
Medium Banner (1524mm x 432mm) (60in x 17in) £14.99
Large Banner (2235mm x 610mm) (88in x 24in) £19.99
Q.  When will I receive my order?

A.  If you order before 2pm, we will dispatch your items the same day. (Monday-Friday)

For comprehensive delivery details, please click here.

Q.  Why am I having difficulty with a photo upload card, wrap or banner?

A.  We have some very specific restrictions on images that can be uploaded and this may be why you are having difficulty. Images must be in JPEG format to upload to the site, any other format such as Word Documents and PDFs will not be accepted. For best results we suggest that you make the image dimensions approximately 1000 pixels for the smallest edge of your photos.

We print images at 300DPI (Dots Per Inch) so if you are scanning the image we recommend you use this setting.

If you try to upload a photo that has a lower resolution or image size, we will still accept the image but the image may not print very well. If you continue to have problems uploading an image, the best thing would be for you to email explaining fully your problem and one of our staff will endeavour to assist.

Q.  Which characters in my image file name will cause problems?

A.  There a number of characters which if used in the names of your image will cause it to be rejected.

Please do not use any of the following:

& % £ $ * ! @ ? # | \ / ( ) [ ] <>' "

Q.  I am having Technical Difficulties

A.  If you receive an unexpected error message or something strange happens while you are using the site, please make note of the following points and contact us at or call 01943 879 185. Alternatively fill in the feedback form in Contact us and someone will be back in touch with you. 

The more information you can give us, the quicker we will be able to identify the problem.

  • Where were you on the site?
  • What were you doing immediately before it happened?
  • If you received an error message what did the complete text say?
  • Do you have a screen shot of what happened?
  • Does this happen repeatedly on all products or just one product?

Before going live, new functionality on the site is checked thoroughly with as many combinations of Internet Browser and Operating Systems as possible. However, there are thousands of combinations and sometimes problems slip through the net. If this is the case, we will try to fix the error as quickly as possible. There are a few very old and rare browsers that we just can't support because they don't have enough functionality to allow the site to work. In these cases we recommend upgrading to a newer browser. It's easy and free and it will make it easier for you to view all sites not just ours.

Q.  Why hasn't my card, wrap or banner arrived yet?

A.  All our items are despatched from our state of the art production facility in Leeds. All cards, wrapping paper and banners are then delivered straight into the Royal Mail system on the evening of dispatch, unless requested otherwise. Once an item has been despatched, we are unable to control the delivery process, however we will do whatever we can to rectify any problems caused by delayed delivery.

Please remember that first class items are not guaranteed next day delivery and depending on the size and number of items you order, may take several days to arrive, particularly during peak periods.

Please make sure you allow enough time for your items to arrive - have a look at our delivery and page to find out more. It's always better for an item to be 1 day early than 1 day late.

If you card has still not arrived after the delivery times stated have passed, please contact us and we will organise for the item to be reprinted.

Q.  I've noticed a mistake! Can I change my order?

A.  Unfortunately, once the item has been ordered it will be printed virtually instantly, so if you have spotted a mistake please contact our team as soon as possible at and we will endeavour to either halt production or cancel delivery and allow you to amend the item appropriately.

Q.  Can I get a blank envelope with my card?

A.  If you order a card to be sent back to you they will come in an outer envelope with a spare blank envelope ready for you to send the card on.

Q.  Can I send cards to someone other than myself?

A.  If you would like to send a card directly to someone please select the 'send direct' postal option and enter the name and address of the recipient. We will have the card dispatched directly to them in one envelope.

Q.  How are the cards, wrapping paper and banners printed & what board do you use?

A.  All our cards, gift wrap and banners are printed on paper from renewable resources. We take our green commitment of only using materials from renewable resources very seriously. All cards are printed on stock equivalent to the high end ranges found on the High street. Our wrapping paper is printed on premium, high quality paper. Our banners are printed on 260gsm high gloss photographic quality material. We recommend that they are used for indoor use.

Q.  What payment methods do you accept?

A.  We accept the following Credit or Debit Cards: Master Card, Visa and Visa Debit. We also accept PayPal.

Q. If I order a card will the recipient know who sent it?

A.  When you order a card to be dispatched directly to the recipient, there will be no notification of you as a sender unless you add it when customising the card. If the recipient contacts us wanting to know who sent the card we will not release this information, however we will offer to pass on any comments via email to the person who ordered the card.

Q.  Where does my Paypal refund go?

A.If you used your PayPal balance or bank account to fund the original payment, the refunded money will go back to your PayPal account balance. You will then be able to withdraw these funds back to your bank account.

If you used a credit or debit card to fund the original payment, the refunded money will go back to your card. This may take up to 3- 5 working days.