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  • Five Ways To Personalise Valentine’s Day 2018

    However long you and your partner have been together, the challenge of making Valentine’s Day fresh and exciting gets more and more difficult as each year passes. Repeating the same gift or gesture might be a cute thing you share between you on an annual basis, but sooner or later your partner is going to want something different.
  • Our New Website Is Live!

    A change is as good as a rest, as the old saying goes, and at Dom & Geri we felt it was time to refresh the business with a new website. Our business has been going from strength to strength, with our expanded product range taking in more and more special occasions and our personalised service for cards, banners, gifts and wrapping paper opening up a whole new world of interactive options for our customers.
  • Make Valentine's Day 2017 Extra Special With Personalised Wrapping Paper

    It will soon be that time again, we have just pulled out all the stops for Christmas and made the grand gesture with presents and trimmings, but then before you know it the thinking cap needs to go back on because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. To some people these things come very naturally of course, and buying the right Valentine’s Cards and presents is effortless, but for others, well, we need a bit of a push in the right direction.
  • The Rise in Demand for Personalised Products

    Increasingly, as time goes on, we like to take more and more control over our lives. Luckily advancing technology allows us to do that. Whether it is setting a timer so our dinner is cooking while we are out, or we are taping two programmes while we watch another so we don’t miss out on anything, or we can even talk to someone face-to-face on the other side of the world.
  • Dom & Geri Donate Personalised Wrapping Paper To Minster FM Toy Appeal

      As soon as we move into December everybody’s thoughts turn to Christmas. Okay, many people have it on their minds long before that, but it is the most exciting time of year and we can’t wait for the excitement to begin. But that’s not the case for everyone.   For some children Christmas Day is just another day, and it is not necessarily a happy time.
  • Counting Down To Christmas – The Essential Present Checklist

    The festive season is nearly upon us and if you have not started planning for it yet, then now is the time to start jotting down your ideas and working out what needs doing when. The days will soon disappear and before you know it, Santa is coming down the chimney and the Turkey is being defrosted. So here is our Countdown to Christmas essential checklist to ensure that nobody gets missed and your Christmas present shopping goes like clockwork.
  • How To Choose The Best Photos For Your Personalised Wrap

    The development of technology has been very kind to us at Dom and Geri. Without digital photography and all the tricks you can do with imaging software, we wouldn’t be able to offer our very popular personalised wrapping paper and cards. We have come a long way from simply pointing and clicking, and right now, the simple act of taking a photo is just the beginning of what is possible, and what you can do with that image you have captured.
  • Matching Christmas Cards And Wrapping Paper From Dom and Geri

    It’s no secret that Christmas seems to get bigger and bigger every year. We start planning earlier, we spend more hours getting everything right for it, and we probably spend more money each year also. But all the effort is worth it, or we wouldn’t bother would we? As Christmas gets bigger, the little things become more and more important and one of those is the presentation of….
  • Send Your Loved One Personalised Wrapping Paper This Christmas

    Christmas is the greatest family time there is. Of course we have weekends and other holidays, but nothing quite beats Christmas for taking time off, putting the feet up and spending quality time with our loved ones. The giving and receiving of gifts is one thing, and seeing the joy on children’s faces is quite a unique and priceless thing.
  • Dom and Geri to Appear in the UK's Most Iconic Toy Shop!

    We’re all getting ready for Christmas here at Dom and Geri HQ, and what better way to celebrate than to announce we’re going to be selling our personalised wrapping paper in store at Hamleys in London from Wednesday 9th November. How exciting! Hamleys is officially the oldest and largest toy shop in the world, with its flagship store located on Regent Street in London.
  • 5 Fun Trick or Treat Ideas

    It will soon be that time of year again, when the dark night descends and ghosts and ghouls come out of the woodwork, when spiders and cobwebs hang from every ceiling and mummies and witches stalk the streets. Halloween is upon us and every year we get to play along with the kids and lose ourselves in a world of dressing up, scary props and fright-tastic decorations.
  • Visit Dom and Geri at Fenwick Newcastle This Christmas

    Following the success of our first pop-up wrapping paper shop in Fenwick York in August, we are excited to be a part of Fenwick’s Christmas plans at their large Newcastle store. On 8th October 2016, Fenwick Newcastle officially opens their Christmas Shop and Dom and Geri will be there until the end of December selling personalised wrapping paper ready to print and take home on the same day.

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