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10 Things That Will Make You Smile

It’s National Smile Month from 16th May – 16th June and that means it’s type to get happy, show off those pearly whites and walk with a spring in your step for as many days as you can – after all we have a lot to be thankful for and a lot we can smile about.

We asked Dom and Geri to list the 10 things that make them smile, and here’s their combined list below. Which makes you smile the most?

A baby laughing

Who can resist the adorable sound of a baby laughing? So tiny and so young but still you get to see their sense of humour coming through. It won’t just make you smile, it will probably make you laugh too!


A Labrador puppy

Anyone that doesn’t smile at a cute Labrador puppy may actually not be human…there’s something adorable about an innocent puppy and you’d be hard pushed to find a breed that melts as many hearts as a Labrador does. Guaranteed instant smile.


A sweet old couple

Whether it’s the fact they remind you of grandma and grandad or the simple fact that they look so at peace together, when you see an elderly couple holding hands it triggers something in all of us. That generation just got it; they knew that their love was rock solid and there’s something really endearing about that.



It’s been a rough few days with drizzly rain and then suddenly, as you wake up, you notice the sunshine peeking through the curtains. Yay! A sunny day makes everyone feel good and it can easily be an instant smile generator.


A text from your best friend

If you’re feeling down, there’s nothing quite like the words of wisdom your friends can impart, and the best feeling is when your bestie texts you just to see how you are. It’s hard to hide the smile when you see their name pop up on your phone.


Opening a birthday present

Who doesn’t love receiving presents? We do! And we don’t really mind what’s inside because the excitement is right at the beginning when we get to open them up. Geri can’t help but smile when she is gifted a present and the smaller, more meaningful presents the better! Check out our personalised wrapping paper here.


Finding a last minute holiday deal

If you’ve waited a while for a holiday and budgets have been tight, there’s something rather fulfilling when you finally find that dream holiday available as a last minute deal. Woo-hoo! There’s 3 things guaranteed to make you smile here...the fact you found a cheap deal, the fact you’re going somewhere amazing, and the fact you get time off work.  Bonus!


Otters holding hands

Watch this. Need we say more?

A funny shaped vegetable

It doesn’t matter how old we get, if we see a vegetable that looks a little odd then we can’t help but smile and often find ourselves compelled to tell as many people as possible, usually by heading straight to social media to share it. Still amusing and always will be!



When your favourite song comes on the radio

It’s been a bit of a rubbish day and suddenly, as you’re driving home from work, that song you love comes on the radio. You might not have heard it for a few months or a few years but it just has that instant ability to make you smile.