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Send It With A Smile: The Best “Happy” Personalised Cards

The quest for the right greetings card, whatever the occasion, can be a tough one as you deliberate over the message, image or verse and whether they will appeal to the intended recipient. Some people think about the suitability of greetings cards more than others, but however long you take trying to find the perfect card, the fundamental requirement has to be that the card suits the occasion for which it is being sent.

Of course, you can spend hours trawling the racks at your nearest greeting card shop, sometimes with limited success, so this is where personalised cards come into their own. Now you can pick your own image to suit the card you want to send, you can even write your own words and then the only person you can blame if the card isn’t right, is yourself. And when you are looking for an image that suits the card, more often than not a smile represents the appropriate ‘happy’ message that you want to send.

Personalised cards for all occasions

You can send personalised greetings cards for all occasions; birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s, Christmas, Congratulations on your new job, new baby or new house or for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. All these occasions promote happiness and joy and all should be depicted through a beaming smile on the front of the card.

Creating a personalised card is an easy, interactive way to show someone you care. It allows you to be creative and add the personal touch, and a great way to spread happiness is to capture a smile and incorporate that into your personalised design.

A smile offers warmth, contentment, love and good times and really projects the sentiment you want to capture in the card. It could be kids enjoying playing together, cheesy smiles in a family group shot, the happy faces of a group of friends or the undeniable love between a perfectly-matched couple.

How to capture a smile on camera

You can’t fake a genuine smile, the eyes say it all. A smile can’t be forced and the spontaneous ones are the best; capturing a unique moment with a radiant expression.

So personalising a card with a smiling photo allows you to use your own library of pictures or to take new ones, either way the power is in your hands and you can use your own photography skills to capture a tender moment of happiness and make it the central theme of the perfect personalised card.

There is certainly an art to capturing a smile just right, be it timing, lighting, location or just trying to find that natural split second where everything lines up as you want it to. Practice makes perfect and certainly the perfect smile will make the perfect card.

So don’t waste any time, make your personalised greeting card the best gift ever with an award-winning smile that lights up their eyes when they open the envelope. A personalised card carries a happy message and nothing says it better than a smile.




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