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How to Plan the Perfect Christmas Party on a Budget

As we begin to enter party season - we all want to throw the best party we can for our families, friends or work colleagues. But planning on a budget doesn't mean you have to compromise on a great time! Here are our expert tips on planning the perfect Christmas bash without breaking the bank


Have a realistic budget

It's easy to have a budget in mind - but it's even easier to go over your intended budget. Create clear guidelines of what you need in terms of decorations, food, drinks and any additional extras - to make sure your budget can accommodate.

Christmas Food


Create your guest list with your budget in mind

When deciding how many people to invite, be mindful of how many people your budget will allow. Take into consideration that if you are going to allow your guests to bring plus ones, your budget and party supplies have to be able to cover this.

Christmas List


DIY your decor

Decorating your home is the fun part! But to save some money, be sure to only decorate the central areas where your guests will be mingling. Light the central rooms with fairy lights and candles to create a festive ambiance. Get crafting and make some paper decorations with some Personalised Christmas Gift Wrap, and use the free gift tags as place names. Customise a personalised Christmas Banner with a photo and project a Christmas scene on a laptop or television for the perfect way to add some Christmas cheer and helps keep costs low.


Christmas Banner
Paper Decor


Organise a secret Santa

Secret Santa is a great way to get your guests interacting, and also allows there to be an activity in the evening to break things up. Set a price limit, for example, £5, and let your guests run free on buying the wackiest small gifts they can find.


Secret Santa


Buy food and drink in bulk

Instead of purchasing food and alcohol individually, buy in bulk where possible. As we enter party season, supermarkets stock the aisles with party foods and multi-packs of everything from mini sausage rolls to prawn tempura - for all your social soirees.