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How to cover an exercise book with Personalised Gift Wrap

Make sure your kids do school in style this year, with their exercise books covered in fun personalised wrapping paper from Dom and Geri. Who wouldn’t want to do homework when it looks as good as this? That’s the plan anyway!

Covering your school books is one way you can really show off your individual style - as well as keeping your books neat and tidy for the whole year. 

School book covering has been a long standing tradition in UK schools. Some of us will remember covering our books with newspaper, brown paper and even wallpaper! Those 80's kids will even remember bulky anaglypta wallpaper too! Nowadays, with personalised wrapping paper, you can show off their unique style easily by making some DIY gift wrap book covers.

DIY Book Covers

There are so many different designs available on our website to customise your books. We find that Dom and Geri wrapping paper works perfectly as it is good quality, thick paper. It is much easier to fold and will be able to protect your books better. 

Of course, you don’t have to be going back to school to want to add a new snazzy cover to your books. You could cover well-loved paperback novels or replace your dust covers with some gorgeous personalised designs to match your home decor.


  1. Exercise book, book or notebook
  2. Wrapping Paper
  3. Glue
  4. Scissors


Step by step guide to covering a book

Step 1: Personalise your wrapping paper on our website using our easy step by step instructions, and wait for it to be delivered through your door. Remember, order before 2pm Monday-Friday and we will despatch same day!


Step 2: Lay out your wrapping paper with the underside facing up, on a flat surface. Place your book flat on top of the wrapping paper. Open the book to determine the largest width and cut it neatly to size. Make it approximately 2.5cm larger than the open book, all the way around.

A birthday cake


Step 3: Fold the wrapping paper in half so that you can align the spine of the book with the middle.

A birthday cake


Step 4: Open the book, and centre with the crease that you have already made for the centre. Fold in the corners of the exercise book diagonally across each corner and cut along this crease. Cut at the middle crease, top and bottom up to the edge of the book.

A birthday cake
A birthday cake


Step 5: Glue the cover of the book for a smooth, flat finish. Here we used PVA glue but a spray adhesive or glue stick works well too. Make sure that your image or writing is the correct way up and stick down the front cover.

A birthday cake


Step 5: Close the exercise book before you stick down the back cover. You don't want the paper to be too tight and rip the first time it is opened or closed! (See image from Step 5.)


Step 6: Fold the edges in and secure with glue.

A birthday cake


Ta-da! Great job! You now have a gorgeous new personalised cover for your book. 

No time to make these DIY Wrapping Paper Book Covers now? Bookmark this page and save it for later!

A birthday cake