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The Rise in Demand for Personalised Products

Increasingly, as time goes on, we like to take more and more control over our lives. Luckily advancing technology allows us to do that. Whether it is setting a timer so our dinner is cooking while we are out, or we are taping two programmes while we watch another so we don’t miss out on anything, or we can even talk to someone face-to-face on the other side of the world. Technology has opened up so many possibilities that we didn’t have even ten years ago.
Another thing we want more and more in our lives is choice. Growing up we pretty much had to accept what was on offer. We had limited TV channels, much fewer bars and restaurants to choose from and if we wanted to go shopping we had to put our shoes and coats on and venture out of the front door. Imagine that?!
It is this combination of control and choice that we believe has led to the popularity of our personalised products range. At Dom & Geri, we have built our business on being able to offer a service that allows the customer to create their own unique products, using both their imagination and the library of digital photos and images at their disposal. This puts the customer in a wonderful position, where they can trawl through memories, change their mind, amend and adjust to suit and finally end up with the perfect gift or card or banner. Then you can wrap it all up with matching, personalised wrapping paper.
The concept of personalised gifts has revolutionised our industry. The personal touch sends a message that is direct to that person, it shows that a little thought and time has gone into the gesture, rather than simply grabbing something off the shelf as you rush around on your daily hustle and bustle. Our website allows you to choose from dozens of different designs, templates and images to create the perfect product. In short, it puts you in control and gives you endless choice. From experience we know that this can make all the difference, and the recipient will treasure that more than anything.
We have cards for every occasion onto which you can print your own images and include your own personal message. We have wrapping paper that can match your gift design, and the gifts can be personalised beer or candles or cider or spirits or wine and champagne. If you are planning a special birthday party or an event for any other occasion, you can extend your theme and have matching banners to decorate the party venue. This will really finish the event off and create a memorable occasion, which the recipient and all involved will never forget.
There truly is a world of opportunity within our personalised product range, and it is this hunger for discovery, to be able to play around and create something yourself with your own images and messages, that drives our personalised products range and has ensured they have contributed hugely to our success. Furthermore, with technology developing as it is, the rise in personalised products could get even more interesting yet. So stay tuned.