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The Dom and Geri Blog

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  • #BuyOneDonateOne Banner Campaign

    This November we are running a very special campaign to support a charity very close to our hearts. For every personalised banner purchased from our website in November, we will donate a birthday banner to a child spending their birthday in hospital at Leeds General Infirmary and Leeds Children’s Hospital.
  • Spooky! What Makes The Best Halloween Gifts?

    Halloween has come around again and it is time to get your decorations and outfits out of the loft and maybe not dust them down, but hope they have more dust on them than ever! The witching hour is not far away so now is the time to try a new outfit, put the decorations up and get fully prepared for the big day.
  • Back to School: How To Help Your Kids Be Creative

    Boosting creativity in a child is a big challenge for every parent, particularly over holiday periods. Kids spend as much time as they can glued to the TV, tablet or smartphone, and while sometimes that is easier for the parent, and does them a favour for a period of time, you can feel it doing them no good cognitively the longer they spend doing it.
  • Teacher Thank You Gifts: Personalise The Gift Wrap To Make It Special

    The historical image of a teacher as a power-hungry ogre and the bane of our existence is long gone. Nowadays society has grown to respect teachers much more and to be more thankful for the job they do in guiding us and our children through life. Certainly teachers can be a huge influence as we are growing up, and maybe sometimes we don’t realise that until it’s too late.
  • How To Celebrate a Wedding Anniversary

    Whether it is your first or your fortieth, a wedding anniversary is a special day for both of you. How couples celebrate a wedding anniversary can be very personal to them, but as each year passes it can become difficult to make it a truly unique occasion. A wedding anniversary is about much more than exchanging gifts, even if you use special personalised wrapping paper to make it personal and unique.
  • Going Green With Dom & Geri

    The inescapable truth is that we all have to act responsibly to slow down the effects of climate change. We all have a responsibility to make our own small contribution to the global effort and to reduce our environmental impact. At Dom & Geri, we have an aim of becoming a carbon neutral organisation, but that is only the first stage.
  • Dad Jokes Ahoy! Enter Our Father’s Day Competition

    Ah, the humble dad joke. Sometimes funny, sometimes awkward and sometimes, well, just a little inappropriate. Still, a good dad joke can be a timeless classic that you remember for years to come. If that sounds like your dad, you should enter our special Father’s Day competition! We’re looking for the best dad jokes, so if you have a classic that you can’t wait to share, let us know and you could be in with a chance of winning £100 in credit to spend right here at Dom & Geri!
  • EASTER COMPETITION: Win a Giant Personalised Easter Egg!

    It’s that time of year again and – if we’re being honest – it’s probably one of our favourites because of the copious amounts of chocolate we can consume without feeling too guilty… This year, we all deserve something a little bit ‘egg-citing’ so what better way to celebrate Easter than with an ‘egg-cellent’ competition! We’re giving you the chance to WIN a Giant Personalised Easter Egg! This is no ordinary Easter Egg…it’s a whopping 2.5kg one! Bursting with delicious chocolate,
  • Father’s Day: How To Make 2021 Extra Special

    Normally you would be planning Father’s Day well in advance and making sure you had lunch in his favourite restaurant booked, maybe go to the pub, or to a show, or the cinema afterwards? Maybe you even plan a weekend away every year? But last year the pandemic struck and a year later in 2021 we still don’t know what will be open on June 20th and what won’t be.
  • How To Celebrate A Birthday (Virtually!)

    We have all got used to spending precious time away from friends and family over the last 12 months, and whilst many of our favourite things have had to be sacrificed – eating out, going to concerts, going on holiday – one of the biggest things everyone has missed out on is celebrating birthdays. Whether it’s a milestone occasion or not,
  • How To Wrap An Awkward Shaped Present

    We’ve all done it. We’ve bought the perfect present for our loved one and we immediately think of the look on their face when they open it, and get excited by how much they are going to love it. But we forget an important step in the middle; how are we going to wrap it? It’s pretty common to not give one single thought to wrapping a present right until the last minute, and only then do we consider that the perfect present is actually the most awkward-shaped gift anyone could imagine.
  • 7 Ideas To Make Mother’s Day Perfect

    Your mum is officially the best in the world. We all know it and so Mother’s Day is the best time to recognise that and let her know exactly what she means to you. And if you’re stuck for ideas, here’s seven tips for making Mother’s Day perfect, and which won’t break the bank. Cooking dinner Sunday dinner is a great family time and one of the country’s most popular weekly rituals, but it can be hard work.