Come fellow web goers! Gather round! For I’m going to tell you the story of Dom and Geri.
Before 2011, the online world of personalised greeting cards was threatening to overcome the average Joe Bloggs. The masses of ‘blaah’ cards and websites built like impenetrable fortresses were exhausting and as if by magic we came riding out of the fog to the rescue.
Basically Dom and Geri is a personalised greetings card website with a difference. Don’t snort, it really is! Unsurprisingly the idea came from a young ‘un, as do a lot of the cards we sell, which is WHY you won’t find any in the shop around the corner. Frankenstein did some splicing in his laboratory and, shimmying out from the smoke came our creation: Personalised wrapping paper and gift tags to match your card.
Personalised cards and wrapping paper go hand in hand. The joy of personalised wrapping paper and cardsis that you can swap and change for any occasion. Although the world is forever evolving, people STILL prefer the old cards and presents over emails and cyber gifts. It’s a big part of British culture and not going anywhere – and we think we’ve made it a whole lot better! So whether you send a card to avoid a slap round the face or just to brighten someone’s day, it’s all about keeping in touch.
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A5 Card: £2.49
A4 Card: £4.99
A2 Wrapping Paper:
Single sheets 580mm x 420mm. Folded to A4
A1 Wrapping Paper:
Single sheets 580mm x 840mm. Folded to A4
0.5M Roll Of Wrapping Paper
840mm x 580mm. Supplied in a Tube
1M Roll Of Wrapping Paper
840mm x 1000mm. Supplied in a Tube
3M Roll Of Wrapping Paper
840mm x 3000mm. Supplied in a Tube
5M Roll Of Wrapping Paper
840mm x 5000mm. Supplied in a Tube
7M Roll Of Wrapping Paper
840mm x 1000mm. Supplied in a Tube
Banner - Small   (40" x 11") £9.99
Banner - Medium   (60" x 16.5") £14.99
Banner - Large   (88" x 24") £19.99

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